Monday, December 12, 2011

A Christmas Story: The Board Game

Some time last year, the family and I toured the house in Cleveland, Ohio, where they filmed the exteriors for the all-time great movie A Christmas Story. Despite the bone-chilling cold, we had lots of fun, and even braved an open-air ride in the Old-timey fire-engine used to rescue Flick from that flagpole (Side subject: Is yanking one's tongue off a frozen pole considered a rescue? Discuss.).

It was the anniversary of the release of the film, so there were cool things going on - the firetruck rides, and various actors from the film in town. We managed to meet the Leg Lamp delivery guy (actors like Randy and Scut were downtown at the A Christmas Story convention, or something like that), but he was very nice, and had a ton of stories to tell.

At the gift shop, of course, there were Leg Lamp night lights and tree ornaments, Flick hats, Bunny suits, and so on. When decided to purchase the A Christmas Story board game, we thought we were in for hours and hours of nostalgic fun. Instead, we were in for hours and hours of poring over a super-complicated rules. Oh well, at least something good came out of this video. Enjoy!

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